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Mass Media and Interest Groups (10)

06 July 2012 - dalam Sistem Politik Amerika Serikat Oleh nurlaili-azizah-fisip11

“After Watergate, which happened when I was in college, I became increasingly inspired by journalism as a way to change the world. It sounds corny, but to wake the public up, to serve a higher cause.”

(David Talbot)

Written by: Nurlaili Azizah (071112001)


David Talbot is the son of the former Hollywood actor, Lyle Talbot. After studying at the University of California, Santa Cruz, he became a journalist (, accessed on May 27th, 2012).  He has written for The New YorkerRolling StoneInterview Magazine and Playboy. He was  also an editor in chief and chief executive officer until February, 2005. He remains chairman of the company and is the author of Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years (2007), a book about the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

As we know well, Watergate Scandal is the worst political case along US history. It revealed a range of activities of political espionage, sabotage and bribery. Those scandal involved Richard Nixon, the 37th President of US. Two Washington Post newspaper reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, played an important role in dismantling those scandal, helped by a mysterious informant, Deep Throat. Those scandal dropped Nixon from his position as President and made mass media braver.

I choose those quote because it is so relevant with this weekly topic, Mass Media and Interest Groups, with “Watergate Scandal” as one of its subtopic. Those scandal was dismantled by journalists, it shows that how mass media is truly important in a country. In my opinion, mass media itself has important role in government, such as influence the decision-making process. Sometimes, a leader of country makes policy based on issues that exist in society. And we know well that those issues published by mass media.

In every single country, especially Indonesia, mass media has significant roles. As I said before, mass media can influence policy-making process. It also dismantles cases that is happening in our country; such as corruption, crime, human trafficking, and as social control. Mass media needs a regulation to do its functions optimally. Regulations about mass media that has exist in Indonesia are Undang-Undang Nomor 40 Tahun 1999 about Press and Undang-Undang Nomor 32 Tahun 2002 about Broadcasting.


References:  (accessed on May 27th, 2012) (accessed on May 27th, 2012)


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